Construction Business Intelligence eBook

This eBook outlines how construction companies can capitalize on data from the field to analyze site progress, identify bottlenecks, and streamline workflows.

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The Construction Business Intelligence eBook contains:

The Definition of Construction BI:

Learn about the trends in the construction industry and the shift towards data and BI.

Collecting Data from the Field:

Analyzing Critical Project Reports:

Learn about the tools you can use and the type of data to collect from your construction site.

Understand which field data you should analyze and the types of reports you should generate.

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Adam Johson, Golden Sands GC

Ryan Hill, President

"Easy to use, convenient app that cuts down on paperwork time, compared to the old method of filling out a spreadsheet every day."

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Raken provides innovative mobile technology to streamline field workflows for construction workers. Raken's "digital toolbox" connects the field to the office with daily reports, time cards, project insights, photo management, and more. Thousands of the world’s top construction companies use Raken to solve their field reporting needs.

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