3 Steps for Easier Construction Software Rollouts

In this eBook, we outline our tried-and-true plan to implement construction software using three easy principles: bottoms-up design, crafting the perfect pilot program, and what metrics to look for to gauge success. We interviewed real project managers and superintendents to identify where the problems are and what you can do to make communication from the field to the office smoother than ever.

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Foolproof Construction Software Rollouts in 3 Steps...

Bottoms-Up Design

Successfully implementing construction software starts with putting the focus on the end-user. When executives in the office start thinking about the user experience for the personnel in the field and office, implementation is easier.

Crafting Your Pilot Program

Key Software Rollout Metrics

We break down the components of crafting the perfect construction software pilot program, including how to choose your first user and, once you've got the right software fit, how to utilize them as a rollout champion.

A key factor in any rollout program should be measuring the before and after to gauge success. We examined overlooked metrics that turned out to be extremely valuable in determining whether the software will stick.

Never Waste Time and Money on Software No One Uses

Dominic Silvia, Level 10

"The focus on mobile is perfect for our supers in the field, making it easy for them to capture important events and communicate them quickly. It's a game-changer for how we use field information in our decision making."

Adam Johson, Golden Sands GC

Bob Hilton, JW Danforth

"Easy to use, convenient app that cuts down on paperwork time, compared to the old method of filling out a spreadsheet every day."

"With Raken, all the information is at my fingertips. Everything that a good daily report needs is done for me at the press of a button."

Raken provides innovative mobile technology to streamline field workflows for construction workers. Raken's "digital toolbox" connects the field to the office with daily reports, time cards, project insights, photo management, and more. Thousands of the world’s top construction companies use Raken to solve their field reporting needs.